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Unifaith Compared to “Association”

Bully in the Church Workshop

September is one of the highest stress months for pastoral ministers in the United Church. Many call up their Pastoral Relations Committees, EFAP, or Conference Personnel Ministers for assistance. Some just quit!

This year, join Unifaith, a solid response to that Annual Stressed out Month.

Together we’ll make it through to October: “National Clergy Appreciation Month,” and on to enjoying ministry once again.

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Unifaith Community Chapter

Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker’s Presentation:

Chris Buckley, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour

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Did you know that Unifaith is already a United Church Ministers’ Association,  and more!! Watch the video >>

The Unifor Unifaith Community Chapter is the national organization representing United Church of Canada ministers and other faith workers, as well as their families.


Serving in solidarity, Unifaith members encourage, inspire and protect one another.

Unifaith celebrates the profound heritage of The United Church in solidarity with the Union Movement in Canada and around the world.

Did you know that Unifaith supports all ministers and faith workers in employment-related matters, regardless of the individual's theological views?